Advisor on AI & Data

With his proven track record in the field Errol today work as an executive advisor to some of the largest companies in the world. 

He excels at creating cohesive teams of highly talented individuals who challenge themselves daily to be better than they were yesterday while solving complex problems head-on

Thought leadership on scaling technology

Errol is a strategic innovator, entrepreneur and technologist. He has a deep knowledge of AI & Data. Errol possesses the ability to develop best practices that are scalable across multiple industries.

In his career Errol has been successful in identifying gaps in existing markets for disruptive technologies, such as AI, and developing those technologies from conception through implementation to commercialization. 


Inspiring transformative change

Errol Koolmeister is a serial entrepreneur. He has successfully built several large companies’ ability to deliver value with AI. Most recently, he comes from the H&M group, where he led the AI strategy and execution for over 150 people in recruitment, integration of AI in the core business, and driving technical transformation of H&M Group.

He has been recognized as one of Sweden’s most influential technology leaders  for his work with artificial intelligence.

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