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Errol Norlum is a world-renowned futurist and highly sought-after speaker at international events on artificial intelligence and data. With his exceptional communication skills and hands-on experience in building AI applications, Errol has become a trusted authority in the industry.

His expertise is unmatched, and his ability to simplify complex concepts makes him a favorite among audiences. If you’re looking for a speaker or advisor who can deliver informative and engaging discussions on the future of AI and technology, Errol Norlum is the perfect choice.

With Close to 20 Years Of Experience

Errol Norlum is a prominent figure in the field of data science and machine learning. He was previously the head of the AI foundation at H&M Group, but now he works as an executive AI & Data adviser to various enterprises and is frequently hired as a public speaker. Norlum often emphasizes the significance of AI-driven transformation and its impact on both enterprises and society in the new digital economy.

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Errol Norlum is an experienced AI and technology expert who has helped many companies leverage the power of AI for their growth and success. He was the former head of AI at H&M Group and contributed significantly to their technical transformation by recruiting over 200 talented individuals and integrating AI into their core business. 

Prior to that, he served as an advisor to many startups and corporations in Europe and Russia, providing valuable insights on the optimal use and scaling of AI. He began his career at Nordea Bank, where he helped establish the fraud and anti-money laundering department using his expertise in risk and security to extract value from data in an ethical manner.

Topics He is specialized in

Scaling AI in organisations

Extracting value from your AI investments

Getting started with AI

Banking, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail

Inspiring & Driving Digital Transformation

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