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Errol Koolmeister is a frequent speaker on international events  on topics such as artificial intelligence and data. He is a experienced leader and futurist. Well appreciated for his communication skill.

With More Than 15 Years Of Experience

Errol Koolmeister is a very known figure in the data science and machine learning world. Until recently he was the head of AI foundation at H&M Group. Now he works as executive AI & Data adviser to enterprises and is frequently hired as a public speaker. 

He often talks about the importance of the AI Driven Transformation and the impact of it to enterprises and society in the new Digital Economy.

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Errol Koolmeister is the award-winning AI and technology expert who has successfully built several large companies’ ability to deliver value with AI. Most recently, he comes from the H&M group, where he, as responsible for AI, has been involved in recruiting over 200 people, integrating AI in the core business, and driving the technical transformation in the company.

Before H&M, he worked as an advisor to several start-ups and large companies in Europe & Russia. In addition, he advised on how to best use and scale AI in organizations. Before working as an advisor, Errol worked as a lead data scientist for the Vodafone group. He was part of building up the international AI team, which today consists of over 500 people.

He began his career at Nordea bank, the largest financial institution in the Nordics, where he helped build the fraud and anti-money laundering department. So with his background in risk and security, he has deep knowledge of using and extracting value from data both ethically and responsibly.

Topics He is specialized in

Scaling AI in organisations

Extracting value from your AI investments

Getting started with AI

AI driven transformation

Inspiring & Driving Digital Transformation

Get started with your transformation by learning from the best in the field. Reach out now to discuss how you could get started. Solutions are unique to each enterprise but here are recipes and blueprints to accelerate your journey.

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